How to use Projects?

  1. Click on ‘Projects’ to create a Folder where you can store CVs and searches
  2. Additionally you can click on ‘Favourite’ (star icon) to save the candidate to a new project or an existing project.
  3. The project name will be added as a tag to the jobseeker CV.

  1. You can at any point rename your project by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon

  1. You can also delete your project once this has been fulfilled by clicking on the ‘bin’ icon.

You can search for a project name or filter projects if you have several open. The filtering is automatically set to ‘Recent first’. The following options are available for filtering.

  • Recent First
  • Recent Last
  • A-Z
  • Z-A

At this moment we do not allow automated emails to be sent based on saved searches.

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